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Sutherland Lumber Company manufactures moulding primarily in native hardwood species.

Finish.  Together with variety, finish is one of our most important attributes.  We use Weinig moulding and grinding equipment for both hardwood flooring and architectural millwork, widely considered to be the finest in the World.  Use of high speed knife, rather than carbide, produces a superior finish.

Variety.  Mouldings are available in hundreds of patterns.  We produce baseboard, casings, chair rail and crown mouldings.  The combination of many profiles and species results in thousands of custom made products.

Matching Profiles.  Over hundreds of years, a seemingly endless variety of profiles have been used in homes and commercial applications.   Sutherland Hardwoods is able to match existing patterns or new drawings and species in its custom moulding business.

Species.  In addition to all of the harder species used for flooring, we have elm, hemlock, mahogany, pine, poplar, sassafras, and sycamore, plus a variety of tropical hardwoods.  Painted mouldings are made in poplar, which is much harder than most pine and does not “fuzz” as many softwoods do.