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Sutherland Lumber Company manufactures flooring primarily in native hardwood species.  We produce varying grades and species of flooring in wide widths and long lengths not usually seen in new home construction.  By incorporating certain acceptable defects and starting with a superior lumber quality often reserved for furniture, cabinetry and mouldings, the result is a wider, longer product which many customers equate to better.

Widths and Lengths.  Most flooring manufacturers produce narrow, short flooring from low grade lumber and remove the defects.  Sutherland’s flooring ranges from 2 1/2 to 6 inches wide, is 3/4" thick and averages 5 1/2 feet long, about double that of strip flooring.

Grade.  Our flooring is different from most and therefore incorporates a proprietary grading system.  Our natural/select grade is rather knotty, relatively rustic and strong on character.  The select/prime grade ranges from far less knotty to clear.  Widths and lengths are even better.  We also offer a clear grade known as prime. 

Edge Patterns.  Flooring comes in square edge, beveled edge and eased edge patterns. 

Species.  Native hardwood lumber is most often used for flooring.  These species include ash, cherry, hard maple, hickory, red oak, white oak and walnut.  All are 3/4 inches thick and available in all grades and edge patterns. 

Pricing.   Our prices for flooring begin at levels less than those offered elsewhere for strip flooring.