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Sutherland Lumber Company, or Sutherland Hardwoods, is in the business of
(1) manufacturing flooring, paneling and mouldings;
(2) kiln drying lumber; and
(3) producing pallets and boxes. 

We have been in the hardwood lumber business since 1912.  We have a single location in Burgettstown, PA, about 25 miles west of Pittsburgh. 

Phone 724.947.3388
Fax 724.947.3391
Sutherland Hardwoods is located in the heart of the Appalachian Region of the United States, an area considered by many to supply the world's finest hardwoods. We are one of the few businesses in Pennsylvania who are able to transform green lumber into finished products for sale to the end user. This vertical integration results in superior quality at a fair price.

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